Your Insurance Coverage


Here's what to ask:

1) Do I have out-of-network benefits for individual therapy/family therapy/hypnotherapy?

2) If yes, what is my out-of-network deductible?

3) Is this deductible combined with my in-network deductible or is it separate?

4) How much of this deductible has been satisfied so far?

5) What is my co-insurance once my deductible has been satisfied? (This is usually a percentage)

6) What is my out-of-pocket maximum? How much as been met this year?

7) Do I have any kind of special mental health network or require any special authorizations?

8) What is the process for reimbursement and how long do I have to submit claims?



Information You May Need:

Provider: Kari Silverberg, MA, LMFT, CHt, EAS-C
(NPI# 1700072345; Tax ID# 20-5662647)

Location: Theraspire Counseling Services
9766 Fallon Ave. NE #201, Monticello, MN  55362

Services provided: Outpatient, in-office
CPT codes: 90791 (intake), 90834 (individual), 90847 (family), 90880 (hypnotherapy)