Have Me Do The Rest


Feeling too busy? Need to streamline your processes? Get organized? Complete projects?

Or maybe you just want to focus on what you love to do most: Therapy.

Let's face it, we got into this business to help people. We found out pretty quickly that there is a lot more to what we do that just therapy. Running a business is a lot of work. Some of it we like and some of it we don't. Some of it is tedious or a time suck. Some of it we don't really have time to learn to do.

Why work with me?

I am a therapist in private practice who is also a remote Virtual Assistant to other therapists.

I'm in the unique position of running a private practice for over 11 years. I understand the special requirements and challenges therapists face when it comes to record keeping, confidentiality, local and federal laws, insurance, billing tasks, marketing, practice building, and more.