Easy Does It

We all hear about how important it is to exercise, but that doesn't have to mean running a 5K. If you are dealing with anxiety, depression, low energy, sleep issues, or many other physical, mental, or emotional challenges, yoga might be just the thing.

Yoga has distinct short-, medium-, and long-term benefits:

It's easier than ever to spend 15-30 minutes doing something useful for your body. There are numerous YouTube channels, videos, and blogs dedicated to yoga. I recently discovered some great yoga apps available for my smartphone for free or very little money that help me stay on track and allow me to do a short course of yoga almost anywhere.  

Give it a try!  It's a drug-free, side-effect free way to address some of the things that ail you. You may be surprised by the number of benefits you see.  

(Disclaimer: Consult your physician before engaging in new physical activity)